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MOVE 2023

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

The Move 2023 conference in London has always been a highlight of the conference calendar, with Mobility experts from around the globe landing in London to showcase their latest technology in green mobility.

The 2023 conference is in full swing and as you would expect, there are some amazing technologies, from the new Freebike, with contactless "tap and go" functionality and a nifty screen always showing you where the nearest parking location is, to the latest electric micro vehicle, which is classified as a quadricycle, with a range of 230km and the classic front opening door, so that you can step straight out onto the pavement when you park

Man sitting in microlino electric car

Some excellent discussions were held in the many theatres, from the evolution of parking enforcement in San Francisco (think camcorders and paperwork in the 90's) to the UK's EV charging network which is lagging behind our European neighbours.

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