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Micromobility Operations Framework

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

MMP have used their extensive experience to create the first Micromobility Operations Framework. This framework covers the core elements every Micromobility company will need to ensure safe, optimised operations. In meeting these standards, Local Authorities can be certain that the systems operating on their Highways are safe for users and the warehousing is of a high standards for staff and health and safety.

Throughout our career, we have seen some excellent operations and some not so excellent operations. Due to this disparity, we have created the first Micromobility Operations Framework. The framework covers nearly 100 individual elements of a micromobility operation, gained through years of industry experience. These are split into the five pillars outlined below:

  • Warehouse safety and staff training - including staff welfare facilities and first aid provision

  • Repeatable maintenance processes - including checking standardised processes, asset management recording and staff training needs are monitored

  • Battery storage, transport and charging - including assessing fire monitoring processes and legislative compliance

  • End of life processes - including waste management especially for lithium

  • On street compliance - including geofence accuracy, parking, vehicle availability and roadworthiness

  • Optional - tender compliance, i.e. deep dive into the tender / contractual promises of an operator and whether these are being delivered.

If you would like more information, please get in touch with the team for a chat.

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