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Steve Pyer in an EAV e-cargo bike

Essex e-scooter operations

Following a successful tender submission, the team established greenfield e-scooter operations in six locations across Essex, from recruitment & warehousing to operational launch. The Essex operation was among the best performing markets in Spin and the only European market retained following the Tier acquisition. From ecargo bikes, electric vans and renewable energy, this operation was set up with sustainability at its heart.

Active travel participation

British Cycling participation

Whilst at British Cycling, Peter developed partnerships with some of the UK’s core cities (Glasgow, Leeds, Newcastle, Leicester) to drive participation in cycling.  Using Team GB and Team Sky’s sporting success to inspire more people to participate in cycling for leisure and as a mode of transport.

escooter partnership consultancy

Stakeholder engagement

Working with Spin Mobility and Essex County Council, Peter established an effective stakeholder group for the County's e-scooter trial.  This group is still very active and includes members from Healthwatch Essex, Guide Dogs, Thomas Pocklington Trust, Walk Colchester and numerous local community groups.

Bikeshare network design consultancy

Leicester City bikeshare design

Steve successfully won the tender to design and operate a city wide ebike sharing system in 2020. During the first lock down, Steve spent many days working with LCC active travel teams, cycling around Leicester surveying potential sites, completing planning permission requests and liaising with stakeholders. The map below illustrates the current approved docking station locations.

DOTT E-cargo bike

Micromobility Operations Framework

The team visited Dott's main London warehouse and charging hub, to undertake a health and safety and operational audit. The audit included staff safety, asset safety, end of life / recycling, battery storage and transport, as well as some very wet on street scooter safety testing

Boris Bikes

London Cycle Hire

Steve was part of the launch team for the London Cycle Hire in 2010 and spent 7 years on the scheme in a variety of roles from process improvement and innovation manager to Head of Change. During Steve's tenure he oversaw the implementation of a workforce management and asset management system which gave a rich data set from which to improve the operation as it grew to over 12k bikes and 800 docking stations,

Lindsay Coulthard Bikeshare BBC interview

Mobike Newcastle

Lindsay was the City Manager for Mobike in Newcastle, the most successful UK operation of this Chinese Unicorn bikeshare company. Adapting the company playbook to suit the City of Newcastle, launching and managing operations in close collaboration with the city.

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